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About Ana + Zac

"We are inspired by our habit of sharing clothing and by living a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle."


We are always learning and building on what it takes to make a quality garment for a diverse range of people while sticking to our strong vision for a sustainable and progressive society. We work on a slower fashion development model releasing ethically and sustainably produced micro collections of our seasonal basics.


The majority of our clothing is produced in Lima, Peru. We have partnered with Raintex - a small manufacturer based in Lima. We work with this manufacturer for their fair and ethical working conditions as well as their commitment to providing a transparent and short supply chain.

We are working in collaboration with organic textile company Bergman Rivera, the first in Latin America to be certified under G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard), ensuring organic traceability from farm to yarn, as well a standard of fair treatment to every person involved in their production chain. Bergman Rivera is certified organic through the USDA and European Union as well as being Fair Trade certified.

Our manufacturer is vertically integrated and weaves yarns sourced from Peruvian farms. When we work with organic pima cotton our manufacturer sources Bergman Rivera'sorganic yarns from their farm near Lima. Our manufacturer develops our fabrics with us, then they weave and dye the fabrics at their facility or with local family-run facilities. Our finished garments are then sent by air cargo directly to Canada - passing from Montreal or Toronto to their final destination in Halifax.

By working in Peru, we are supporting a country that is engaging in fair and transparent government controlled regulations for workers rights. We are supporting women technicians, fair wages, and developing more earth-friendly fabrications and innovations as well as shortening our supply chain.

Ana + Zac share 20+ years of clothing design and retail experience in the fashion industry and understand the importance of high quality fabrications and workmanship that stand the test of time. They take their favourite classics from over the years and perfect them with their special attention to the details.