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Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is a higher-end strain of cotton with a longer fibre than conventional cotton. It has a reputation as being the finest cotton in the world and for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable.

Pima cotton fibres measure between 1.4 to 2 inches in length, while conventional cotton fibres measure up to 1.1 inches long. Pima cotton fabric is softer and more durable than if it were made from a shorter staple cotton.

Authentic Pima cotton typically has a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products. The Pima cotton fibre is utilized for finer yarn counts and creates a fabric that has all the same properties as traditional cotton as well as an increased silkiness. Pima cotton is softer and more absorbent than other cottons. Like standard cotton fabrics, Pima cotton also has the propensity to shrink the first time it is washed. Our cotton is pre-shrunk but one still needs to be careful and not wash and dry at the hottest temperatures.

Pima cotton is primarily grown in limited quantities in three different areas, the southwestern regions of the United States, Australia and Peru. Pima cotton originated in Peru, but it gained its name after the Pima Indians, who helped raise the cotton in the United States.

With ideal growing conditions, extra-long staple length and hand harvesting our Peruvian pima cotton is the world’s finest, prized for it's exceptional durability, softness and brilliant lustre. Peruvian pima cotton grows along the northern coastal valleys of Peru. There, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at near-perfect equatorial temperatures. The result is cotton with a silky sheen and an unbelievably soft hand.

Ideal growing conditions in coastal Peru create the best quality pima cotton in the world. Due to its extra-long staple length, Peruvian pima cotton is especially soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling. Environmentally friendly hand-harvesting results in brilliant white fibres which dye beautifully and are free from scratchy impurities. Pima cotton is the perfect fabric for those who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin

Unlike much commercial cotton, Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand to ensure that only the best quality is used. Not only is harvesting by hand more environmentally sound, it’s better for the cotton itself. Industrial harvesting tears the cotton fibres, giving it a yellowed hue and creating a scratchy texture that affect the smoothness of the final garment.

Hand-picking comes with obvious benefits for the environment compared to machine-based harvesting, and the work is beneficial for the community as a source of local employment in these rural growing areas.

Pima cotton typically grows free from pesticide and synthetic fertilizers which makes it ideal even for the most sensitive of skin. Because they are naturally white, they absorb low-impact colour-dyes with great accuracy.