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Grey Mohair Crew Socks


Soft as cashmere these durable socks will last you for years. 

75% kid mohair 25% nylon yarn blend. 

Kid mohair is hair sheared from the kid sheep, during their first year of life.  It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades.  This 'diamond fibre' is very strong and rare.

This mohair is very soft (not itchy) with minimal friction on your feet for walking. Mohair is also very insulating, protecting your feet from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather.  Mohair wicks away moisture and can hold water many times its weight without your foot feeling wet.

Made in Ontario, Canada.

Machine wash, hang to dry.

*However these socks do not need to be washed often as they are super anti-microbial

Size S/M = women's 6-9   

Size M/L = women's 9-12 and men's 8 -10   

Size L =men's 11-12 

Model Scott is 5'10 and wearing size large.